Convention Center "Santa Cecilia"

The former building of the Meritorious Popular Society of Santa Cecilia, located close of the majestic church of "Las Merced" and the birth house of Major General Ignacio Agramonte, illustrious hero of Camagüey, is the official place of the convention center "Santa Cecilia", attached to the Historian Office of the Camagüey City.

The building was designed to endow the "Popular Society of Santa Cecilia" of a distinguished place for meetings and social activities. According to historian is one of the greatest exponents of the local eclecticism, with wonderful ornamentation both inside and outside.

On the first level is located the Information Site, and in the second floor, the Press Room and Guaicanamar Room. 

At the top level they are located: Plenary Room, Rooms 1 and 2, "La Popular" cafeteria, to end, "La Cúpula" cafeteria sited in a lookout where the city is seen in all its glory.